About Jubilee Pool

The largest and most celebrated sea water lido in the UK

Opened in 1935, the Jubilee Pool is triangular in shape, offering an approximate depth range of 0.9m to 2.25m, which fluctuates with the tides. With a main pool temperature typically 1-2 degrees higher than the surrounding sea, swimmers emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated. The kids pool has a depth of 0.6m – perfect for little swimmers.

Our geothermal pool is the first of its kind in the UK. The natural salt water is heated to a comfortable 28-30 degrees via a geothermal well, offering a uniquely rejuvenating experience.

A new edition for 2024 is our own sauna. Located next to the geothermal pool, the sauna is a place to warm up after a dip in the main pool, or simply a place to unwind and embrace the numerous health benefits they offer.

Fun Pool Facts

  • It is triangular with the longest side 98m long and 56m width in the widest part.
  • The main pool depths range from approx. 0.9m to 2.25m depending on the tides.
  • The learner pool depth is approx. 0.6m.
  • The geothermal pool depth ranges from approx. 0.85m to 1.35m.
  • The whole pool contains 5 million litres of sea water.
  • Our main and kids pools are not heated, they are usually is 1-2 degrees above sea temperature.
  • It has no mechanical filtration and minimal chemical treatment for a natural sea water bathing experience and a robust cleaning regime to keep it clean and safe.
  • Our geothermal pool has additional UV filtration in place to maintain the water quality in higher temperatures.
  • Our geothermal pool is heated to 28-30 degrees via a 410m deep geothermal well (the height of one and a half Eiffel Towers).
  • The geothermal system operates by extracting warm water from the geothermal well taking heat out of that water using heat pumps and distributing it to the pool via a heat exchanger, before re-injecting the cooler water back into the ground.
  • This combined system means that the temperature of the pool can be sustained with a very low carbon footprint.
  • The geothermal pool is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.
  • The main pool has a capacity of up to 600 swimmers, depending on lifeguard levels.
  • The geothermal pool can accommodate up to 30 people per session.

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Geothermal Pool

Our geothermal pool invites up to 30 visitors to bathe in geothermally warmed natural salt water at a temperature of between 28-30 degrees…

The History of Jubilee Pool

The pool was opened with great celebration in May 1935, the year of King George V’s Silver Jubilee…

Tides & Cleaning

As with other coastal lidos across the country, Jubilee Pool is designed as a seawater pool with no mechanical filtration and minimal chemical treatment.

The quality of the water is carefully a maintained with a regime of daily water replacement that is timed with the outgoing and incoming tides; and the water in the kids pool is normally replaced daily when a small amount of chlorine is added. This approach means that the water levels in the main pool are continuously changing and access to some areas may occasionally be restricted.

This programme is also supported by a regular drain down of the main pool (over 5 million litres of water).  The pools are closed approximately once a fortnight (coinciding with spring tides) to complete the cleaning and refilling process, weather and sea conditions permitting. 

The geothermal pool has a automatic filtration and circulation system so its constantly refreshed. 

The quality of the pool water is scientifically tested to ensure we meet the required standards.