As we are made from the sea (5 million litres of it) we respect our oceans and care about environmental pollution.  We consider our impact on the environment as we operate as a business in all of our purchasing and operational decisions. 


We strongly discourage the use of single use plastic and are champions of the Plastic Free Penzance movement.   

We do not offer plastic straws, cups, bags, stirrers or cutlery and endeavour to stock our shop with plastic free, sustainably made items.


We offer recycling bins to customers and recycle all we can in our waste collections.

We are a recycling point for inflatable toys (please ask staff for details) and work with local makers to recycle these and make them into bags.


Our geothermal pool is heated with geothermal energy and sustainable heat pumps.  We try to use as little energy as possible in running these pumps through use of the overnight pool cover to prevent heat loss. 


We keep our chemical use in our pools to a minimum through our robust cleaning regime.  We reduced our use of chlorine by 75% through regular fortnightly drain downs and cleans for safety and a more natural bathing experience. Our sea water is now as natural as possible with less chlorine than a glass of tap water.  We never drain chemicals into the sea and respect the wildlife around us.   

Environmental Care

We are completely intertwined with our beautiful coastal environment and do as much as we can to protect and preserve it. We use environmentally friendly materials, projects and methods wherever possible. 

Fresh, Local Ingredients

Our café uses fresh and local ingredients that are in season to support local suppliers and reduce our carbon footprint.  We care about sustainability and animal welfare and take care with our supplies (such as fish, meat and eggs) and ensure our ingredients are responsibly sourced.  We also support vegan and vegetarian diets on our menus.