Relax, unwind and enjoy the view in our geothermal pool, the first of its kind in the UK.  Bathe in natural salt water heated to between 30-35 degrees by our very own geothermal well. 

the best ideas happen over a pint........

The idea of adding a heated section at Jubilee Pool was first mooted back in 2010 by Charlie Nixon (the brother of former Jubilee Pool Director, Martin Nixon) over a pint or two at The Yacht, when they were discussing how often people struggled with the pool’s chilly water temperature.  Charlie had just returned from a trip to New Zealand where he had bathed in geothermal pools and his response to the issue was ‘why don’t you just heat it with geothermal energy?’ If only it were that simple eh?! 

Martin then took the idea up to Cornwall Council to show the Chief Executive and senior officers (he recalls that he nearly cancelled, as he thought they’d think he was crazy..) and the rest as they say, is history…

Ten years and a £1.8m funding package later (not to mention an incredible amount of work by the Jubilee Pool Directors and staff) the first geothermally heated pool of its kind in the UK is opens to the public on 1st September 2020.   

The project

Jubilee Pool’s £1.8m investment project is a great demonstration of the power of community. Nearly £540,000 of the funding came from a public share offer resulting in an organisation truly owned by the community with 1400 shareholders of which 970 are local people. The remainder of the funding for the investment came through a mix of loans and grants from Power to Change, Architectural Heritage Fund and Cooperative Community Investment Fund.

The investment project has transformed Jubilee and will enable year round opening. It saw the construction of the new geothermally heated section of the pool, upgraded changing facilities and showers, a new cafe with double the seating capacity and a new multi-purpose community space.

The geothermal well which has made Jubilee Pool’s project a reality was constructed by Geothermal Energy Limited with grant support from the European Regional Development Fund. 

how it works

The system operates by extracting warm water from one geothermal well (410m deep – the height of one and a half Eiffel Towers!!), taking heat out of that water using heat pumps and distributing it to the pool via a heat exchanger, before re-injecting the cooler water back into the ground.  This combined system means that the temperature of the pool can be sustained with a very low carbon footprint. The initial pool heating results suggest that it’s about 80% geothermal but ultimately all the energy is coming from our geothermal well. We are using the heat pumps to concentrate that energy to the exact temperature required for the pool. 

The system is the first of its kind* in the United Kingdom and will act as a showcase for geothermal, low carbon heat supply.

* We’re the first geothermal lido but not the first geothermal bath in the UK – the Romans beat us to it by 2000 years in Bath! 

Customer Update

Memberships are live!

You can now become a member of Jubilee Pool. get your summer season pass here!

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