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Dog Day at Jubilee Pool Penzance

October 30, 2022 All day


For those concerned about the use of our public pool, this day is the final day of the season. The pool will be emptied and deep cleaned in the following days.

The event is restricted to the main pool only. Dogs will not be allowed into the geothermal pool.

Please be aware that dogs swim at the owner’s risk, we can’t be held responsible for the actions of your or anyone else’s dog. We also make all swimmers aware that we can’t control the actions taking by other peoples dogs and there is an increased risk of injury. You the owner are fully responsible and liable for your dog and must control them to a high standard. This includes making sure they don’t enter the geothermal pool.


Dog leads – Please note that we will not be allowing dog leads in the pool, this is because they become hard to see and maybe a hazard to other swimmers and dogs.

Dogs Fouling – We kindly ask that owners pick up after their dogs. We will be providing dog bins around all levels.

Dog Aggression – Please always keep a close eye on your dogs and remain close to them. Owners will need to manage their dog’s behaviour towards other pool users, dogs and humans. There will be a lot of dogs around which can cause other dogs to be scared or confused.

Dogs Swimming – Although owners do not have to accompany their dogs in the pool, you must remain close to them and will still be responsible for their behaviour. Please only allow your dog to swim if you are confident they can and will be safe in the water. Lifeguards will not be expected to perform rescues for dogs.

Risks to Dogs health – Please keep an eye out for your dog whilst they are swimming, as with humans, there is a risk of inhaling water if they struggle to swim and keep their head above the water. Please seek assistance from a vet if you feel they have inhaled any water.

Toddler Pool – We will be opening up the small pool for smaller dogs to practice swimming. We advise larger dogs do not enter this pool as dog may be tempted to swim and end up rubing thier paws against the floor.

Exiting the Pool – Please use the steps and exit points in place for dogs to leave the pool. We strongly advise against pulling out dogs and foricing them to claw at the edge of the pool potentually cutting thier paws on the concrete.


Want to get involved?

We’re looking to make this the biggest dog day yet. If you work with dogs and would like to get involved please email

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